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Out of interest, do you support or oppose the new portals coming to newgrounds? Some people say it's 'generic' but I think it will allow everyone to submit some sort of thing to contribute to newgrounds.

So, what do you think?

Go on, try to beat my amount.


Are you man enough?

Hey newgrounds. . .

2009-05-04 11:11:41 by SeaBoundRhino

Do you love me?

I love you.

Yes, this is your chance to worship me, SeaBoundRhino, and to congratulate me on making 500 posts. Please, talk about my amazing hair and new shoes.

New Banner

2009-05-03 13:42:40 by SeaBoundRhino

Oh yes.

What do you think?

2009-05-01 16:30:13 by SeaBoundRhino

Hi. I could really use a favour. Which of these sigs is best?

What do you think?

I've had a good few people asking me for sigs or accepting the ones I made at the sig makers club. Because of this I am remmaking this newsw post stating that I'm making them. Post here or pm me if you want one!! I may ask for you to say that I made it in that little bit of text above it depending on what mood I'm in.

I will make you a sig.

2009-04-25 13:56:24 by SeaBoundRhino

Just give me a pm or a post here stating:

What picture you want,
What style you want,
What theme/colours (if any),
What type of font (optional) and text,
Anything else that you think is important.

I'm Bored

2009-04-19 13:06:06 by SeaBoundRhino


I'm Bored

Yeah, I've been making loads of stuff in paint.NET that I feel is quite good. This sig is way above my usual find-a-cool-picture, add-my-name method of making sigs.

So here's another post over something tiny!

New Signature/Why do I make posts over the smallest of things?