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I like the Wii. A lot. And, being the unimaginative person I am, I made a header about it. If you have every been to my userpage before you may notice that this header is not a piece of crap like my older ones. Sure, Travis's cut-out could be better, but the cut-out of the Drudge is very good for my standard.

Also, don't think I'm a complete and utter Nintendo fan-boy. I just seem to make way too many posts about a games console.

400 posts!!!

2009-04-17 13:19:08 by SeaBoundRhino

Woo!! I just made my 400th post in a topic about a small child's penis!! Isn't it magical?


2009-04-08 11:21:16 by SeaBoundRhino


After posting my previous blog post, I promptly went to bed. After tossing and turning around for about an hour, I realised I wasn't getting any sleep any time soon. So, I began to think about what I said earlier and I thought when I could actually get some work done. I decided to keep my next drawing simple and fast and to plan it out all in my head.

Basically, this was a bit more of a modern attempt. Everything in the picture is there for a reason. I'm surprisingly happy with it. You have to actually dig a bit deeper than the face-value, then you have a conclusion, but that's only if you take into account about half the details in it, and then you can keep going and get the proper full on answer. A lot of effort went into the idea behind picture, but I could still draw it up in a fairly short time.

Tried to be artistic/I got no sleep last night


2009-04-07 16:19:38 by SeaBoundRhino

Unfortunately, I'm still only able to work in ten minute bursts, and I don't like doing a detailed cartoon in short bursts, so the quality is still fairly low. For a better drawing, I would check my zombie picture. It's not my best work, but I managed to get in about twice the time that I've gotten for my last picture and for this one.

This one took my quite literally under ten minutes, maybe nine or eight. I really want to post some of my good work :(

What is he slobbering over?


An okay drawing done in about five minutes.
I may post some work that I put time and effort into later.

My Monster will devour you all and what not.


2009-04-01 16:12:55 by SeaBoundRhino

Come Capitalist pigs! Rejoice in our new agreement with china!


2009-03-31 16:20:51 by SeaBoundRhino



New videos!

2009-03-29 13:43:57 by SeaBoundRhino

Some new videos for upcoming wii games

Broken Sword-Director's cut

The Conduit-Monorail

The Conduit-Airport

Excite Bots

Punch out

I'm really looking forward all of these, especially The Conduit . And excite bots actually looks quite interesting.

Violent Wii Games! Huzzah!

2009-03-21 12:31:07 by SeaBoundRhino

Many of you who are into gaming may have heard of upcoming Wii games. Amongst the usual cute, happy, family games you may have noticed something. The games have gotten more violent and mature. So now, not only can you sit down and play bowling with your Grandmother but you can rip the heads of zombies with her too! For those who don't know what I'm talking about or refuse to believe me, here's a list of the games I'm talking about.

Monster Hunter 3
No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle
Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop
Red Steel 2
Deadly Creatures
The House of the Dead: Overkill
Tenchu 4: Shadow Assassin
Sin and Punishment 2
Onchanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers
The Conduit
And more.

Wii owners, be happy. This could mean more mature games for the Wii to come.

Also, there is even MORE good news. Read ParadoxVoid's blog post on the Quantum 3 engine. This engine could give the wii graphics similar to that of an average Xbox 360 game.