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2009-06-29 13:20:52 by SeaBoundRhino

You that pen that i lost and started whining about? (check my news) Turns out, that the customer care sent me the wrong one and now I have to wait a few more weeks for the proper pen!

I like complaining.

also, 1000 posts.

1000 posts!!

2009-06-28 07:14:19 by SeaBoundRhino

Today, I just realised that I had hit the 1000 post mark on the bbs.

Congratulate me, give me presents etc.

Please scout me. . .

2009-06-22 15:59:15 by SeaBoundRhino

I feel slightly disappointed. First, I lose my tablet pen. I wait for months until the poor customer service of the tablet makers send me an email asking me for my post code as I 'forgot' to include it in my email requesting a new pen (if you don't know, Ireland doesn't use a postal code system). After explaining this to them over the course of a few days. They sent out the pen just a few days before the art portal was released.

In the mean time, I make a okay drawing of a zombie with my mouse. It took very long, and didn't show off my skill as an artist, but it was all I had to submit. So, I submit it, get a helpful review and get scouted by snawsball (or something like that). I'm a scout for about two days until, suddenly, I get de-scouted. Turns out, snawsball got banned, so I was left getting punished too.

So scout me. For a second time.


2009-06-21 11:37:43 by SeaBoundRhino

Now that the person who scouted me is banned, I have be de-scouted.

Is anyone feeling generous? :D

Is anyone else desperately trying to find the lit portal?

I've been scouted!

2009-06-20 11:32:41 by SeaBoundRhino

Now, everyone beg me to scout their work, but it will cost ya.

I'm having a barbeque

2009-06-19 17:12:03 by SeaBoundRhino



2009-06-17 17:10:41 by SeaBoundRhino

Woo, I made an art submission!!

So. . .

2009-06-12 07:55:58 by SeaBoundRhino

How's newgrounds?

Hey everyone

2009-06-12 06:08:52 by SeaBoundRhino

Guess what? I'm giving out free blowjobs, if you post here, so go ahead!

And if you post enough I might do something else ;D