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I have no idea . . .

2010-01-17 17:22:54 by SeaBoundRhino


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Also, this video ruined my childhood playing Mario games. 708


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2010-01-17 17:26:44

That had to hurt.

SeaBoundRhino responds:

The funny thing is that they showed it without his permission. It's all over facebook now.


2010-01-17 17:57:13

He actually said shit in that video lol.

SeaBoundRhino responds:

Did he? Lol


2010-01-19 08:46:33

That video makes me sad for some reason, lol.

Also, for the mario video, the ending made me laugh.

SeaBoundRhino responds:

Don't be. Ireland never gets ice, so idiots didn't ewear proper clothes/ shoes.

Also, some people needed to go to hostpital after riding quad bikes on a barely frozen lake.

We're talking less than an inch of ice on the lake.