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I'm sick

2009-10-18 06:33:50 by SeaBoundRhino


My Husband beats me.

2009-10-12 16:58:22 by SeaBoundRhino

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I've posted this before, but it's good enough to deserve a second time.



2009-10-04 15:33:40 by SeaBoundRhino

Here's a new news post because I can.

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Post here.

2009-09-06 12:37:00 by SeaBoundRhino

Post here to get a cookie.

BSR . . . UNITE!

2009-09-06 07:36:48 by SeaBoundRhino

The Blushing Silver Rhinos! Come quickly! The art portal is in peril! We must take action for once in the history of the inactive, but very sexy, crew! Even the featured art has been affected (NSFW)!

In all seriousness, every artist and user has been unscouted by hackers, using a phishing site to get art-moderator accounts. I've heard that they got egoraptor's and canas's accounts. They're submitting (I assume) huge amounts of porn to the portal, and, subsequently, making it featured.

I've always said how bad the art portal system is (I.e, what is the skill level required to be scouted? How come the entire chain is affected by a single ban? Why do I have to take responsibility for those I scout? etc.) but this is the final straw. By compromising an art moderators account, they simply a) unscouted about five people high up the chain, destroying everything, or b) Just unscouted I-bot, which is even worse.

/informative rant

I won moneez

2009-09-01 17:09:57 by SeaBoundRhino

EU200 to be exact. I entered a national writing competition and I've come second!

What should I spend the money on?


2009-08-28 12:13:41 by SeaBoundRhino

I'm back in school.


God's careless

2009-08-26 16:15:54 by SeaBoundRhino

A quick doodle I drew after seeing many of those cliché pictures of God's hand reaching out through the clouds.

God should really watch where he's walking.

God's careless

I'm back.

2009-08-25 06:59:17 by SeaBoundRhino

If you're wondering why I was inactive recently, I was in Italy. It was hot. And very isolated.